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50 Shades of Grey Audiobook is the audio adaptation of a novel written by author E. L. James. It is the first book in a trilogy of romance novels entitled the Fifty Shades trilogy. This book follows the relationship of a college graduate, named Anastasia Steele, and a businessman named Christian Grey. The book was published back in the June of 2011, and has since stirred up controversy. Despite this fact, however, or rather, regardless of this fact, the novel, along with its sequel Fifty Shades Darker Audiobook, has garnered praise, and such a widespread following.

To date, it is the fastest-selling book (in paperback version) of all time, with over 70 million copies sold worldwide—and counting. It has even surpassed the record set previously by the Harry Potter series. To be able to surpass Harry Potter, even if it is only regarding paperback version sales, is a feat that may be hard to replicate any time soon. This is also because this book, along with the others in the trilogy, would not appeal to children, per se.

One of the signs that any book, in general, has reached some sort of acclaim, would be alternate versions of itself. Examples of these alternative versions would e-books, film or television adaptations, and audio books. Since this particular novel already has dozens of e-book transcriptions out there all over the internet, an upcoming movie adaptation set for next year, 2014, and lots and lots of audio books as well, it is safe to say that it certainly has reached near-universal acclaim and popularity.

If one were to be interested in acquiring a copy of any of these alternate versions of the novel (except, of course, for the movie adaptation which has not been released just yet), he or she need only to type in this particular book’s title, and the alternate version of the book he or she would prefer. Frankly, the audio book versions of the book are more popular than any other alternate versions, to date, since listeners receive a sensory experience from it; that is, an audible experience. Also, this particular book does have certain, “improvements,” as one would say, to it, in its audiobook format.

Should you want to ever have a copy of an audio book of Fifty Shades of Grey, free versions are easily available for download online, over the internet. The only decision you have to make is which version to get.

Fifty Shades of Grey
Format: Audio Book
Written by: E.L. James
Publisher: Random House Audio
Duration: 19:50
Date Published: April 2012
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0449808165
ISBN-13: 9780449808160

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